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Felix Juefei Xu

Ph.D. Candidate

Electrical and Computer Engineering

CyLab Biometrics Center

Carnegie Mellon University

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Email: Felixu AT cmu DOT edu Website: Personal:

Office: Collaborative Innovation Center (CIC), Room 1307, 4720 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Research Outline

  • My research is focused on tackling the Pose, Expression, Resolution, Illumination, and Occlusion (Perio) challenges for unconstrained periocular face recognition using shallow and deep learning. I also have broader interests in pattern recognition, computer vision, machine learning, optimization, statistics, compressive sensing, and image processing. Additionally, I work on novel biometrics traits such as gait acceleration dynamics, keystroke dynamics, facial photoplethysmogram dynamics, and electromyography signatures for spoof-resistant user authentication. [journal bio]